My Day in Photos | Birthday Weekend!

It’s the last time I’ll mention it (this year) I promise!

I’m begrudgingly letting go of my birthday princess tiara and birthday girl title – it’s now Sunday, and I don’t think I can milk this birthday any longer. I’ve had a lovely weekend of celebrations with everyone I care about and I’m full to the brim of food. I’ve had a 3-course meal two nights in a row… my body is going to hate me!

Birthday Princess
Birthday Cookie
Birthday Cookie

On my actual birthday, Saturday, me and Matt took a train into Beverley for a look around the shops and some afternoon tea. The afternoon tea was lovely. We shared a slice of lemon meringue pie and a slice of chocolate fudge cake, with cups and tea and coffee, in a cute little tea room that we found hidden down a cobbled street.

After a stop to an old-fashioned sweet shop to stock up on a ridiculous amount of sweets, we had a look around a few shops, a florist for some gerberas (my favourite) and jewellers before heading back to the train station.

On the evening, we went out for a meal with my family. In the early months and years of our relationship, me and Matt frequented the aquarium almost every weekend. Last year, Matt found out they hold intimate dining experiences in the aquarium, and after proposing on my birthday we ate there for the first time to celebrate. We thought it would be so lovely to recreate that night, but with my family too so we got all dressed up and felt swanky.


To top off the weekend, me and Matt went out for bowling and food with my brother and his girlfriend. Safe to say, I’m exhausted and couldn’t eat another bite – all the sweets I bought are being hugely neglected. But, it’s been a lovely couple of days and I’m going to celebrate my birthday-boxing-day watching Mamma Mia, lots of kitten cuddles and organising all my birthday photos. πŸ™‚


Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!


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