I can’t believe it’s time for another monthly wrap-up already. I was trying to think about what I’ve done, achieved and written this month but my mind has gone completely blank. The whole month absolutely flew by – I feel as if it was only yesterday that I was still moaning about leaving the beautiful month of September. I then realised it was my first month of working 9-5, Monday to Friday and my lack of interesting events suddenly made sense.

At least my blog didn’t suffer! October has been a brilliant month on my blog, I reached my 200 follower milestone a week or so ago (which I then recently smashed into over 250 followers, thank you!), my blog content has been varied and I’ve had a lot more to say than usual.

Before I start, can I just point out how beautiful my header photograph is today? I took that photograph of pink buds in a park last week, and I fell it love. A little pink to brighten up my blog? I think so!


So here is my October wrap-up! (If you missed it, here is my September wrap-up too):

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • My birthday is almost here! Me and Matt have spent a lot of time thinking about what we would like to do to celebrate. We finally decided on a champagne afternoon tea during the day at a lovely manor house (and contender for our wedding venue), and a meal at Two Rivers restaurant on the night with my family. A fancy meal in front of a giant shark tank? Yes please!
  • I received an email from Clayton Smith (author of Apocalypticon, which I reviewed here) asking if I’d like a free copy of his new book, Anomaly Flats, in exchange for a review! Exciting times, because I absolutely loved Apocalypticon.
  • I spent a lot of my free time playing with my new camera, hence the many photography posts this month!
  • I went to Hull Fair, rode the big wheel in attempt to face my fear of heights but hated every single second of it and had to get the man to stop the wheel after my first full circle so we could get off! Challenge failed.


It’s been a very tiring month. Me and Matt spent most of our free time (and let me tell you, there was very little free time) relaxing and catching up with each other. Because of this, entertainment wise we didn’t achieve much.

  • We started watching the O.C. Matt fell in love again, and I’m very pleasantly surprised.
  • I baked my first two-tired cake!
  • I reignited my love for old games, and downloaded a PlayStation One emulator so I could play Spyro the Dragon again! I forgot how much I loved that little purple dragon…


October was a good month for blogging. I shared a good variety of photography, written posts, reviews, personal p0sts and memes!

Plans for November:

1. Celebrate my 21st birthday!

2. Put up the Christmas decorations and finish the Christmas shopping. So. Excited. I. Can’t. Wait.

3. Continue with my weekly menus and meal planning. It’s so much easier coming home from work and knowing exactly what I have to cook, without thinking about it.

4. Don’t buy any meals at work – make lunch at home to save lots of money!

5. I failed last months plan… I didn’t buy my blog journal. I completely forgot. I wish try and get around to beginning a blog journal this month, to help me keep on track of ideas and posts for my blog!

Did you have a good month? Do you have any plans for November?



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