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My blog is almost entering it’s 3rd month of existence (hasn’t it flown by!?), and I suddenly started thinking about the lovely bloggers and blogs who inspired little, newbie Morgan on that début night I posted my first ever blog post. I’ve come across lots of brilliant bloggers, many with very varied styles of writing, and importantly, I’ve met some wonderful people who I speak to regularly. Some people have particularly influenced me though, and it’s about time I shared some of my blog love with you.


The lovely Brey @ Ordinary Adventures automatically popped into my head – I found her accidentally on the night I created my blog, and I think I must have read every single one of her posts in one sitting. She influenced my initial style hugely, and I eagerly look forward to all of her posts still to this day.

Ordinary Adventures

Ordinary AdventuresI instantly felt like I could relate to everything she wrote – she’s a young wife too, which is hugely inspirational. You don’t see it often any more, and it makes me so excited for 2017! She writes about her life, home, education, beauty, advice, food… The list is pretty much endless. As well as the quality of her writing, I was attracted to the beauty of her blog too. She was actually my inspiration for all of the little touches I feel add to a blog, such as my logo, side bar and sticking with a colour scheme. I’ll be forever grateful for her inspiration.

Basically, I love her blog, and I highly recommend you take a little visit so you can have a look for yourself.

Do you have a blogger or blog you look up to, or find really inspirational? Brey was my first taste of blog envy!



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