Remembering The PlayStation One

Gamer then, gamer now.
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I had a brilliant childhood, and I’ll be forever grateful for that – my generation grew up with the perfect combination of the outdoors, playing with friends and the introduction of every day technology. My parents provided me with the absolute best balance and without them, I wouldn’t have my head screwed on as perfectly as it is. That comes across arrogant, but since I was a kid I’ve appreciated both nature and technology equally and I think that’s something that a lot of people can’t grasp.

Since my brother was a baby, we camped practically every weekend! I spent the majority of my childhood outdoors, and I can’t remember touching a computer or a console game until school – before then, it was always colouring, or playing outdoors, collecting snails or making dens. When I was eventually introduced to a computer, I drew squiggly pictures on Paint and played Pinball Wizard. It’s not exactly Skyrim or Fable, but it lit a spark. Then I grew up a bit more, found use of the Internet and it blew my mind – the rest is history, and here I am now, Computer Science student and currently working as a software developer.

My first console was the PlayStation One. To this day, some of those games I grew up with are still regularly on my mind. Absolute lifetime favourites, but I think that’s always the case with ‘firsts’.

Yesterday, Matt downloaded a PlayStation One emulator to start playing some of his childhood games again (okay, maybe just so he can play Final Fantasy VIII). That got me thinking what games I miss the most. So, how could a list-obsessed girl like me resist?

  • Spryo:
    Let’s start with the best of the best. If someone asked me what my childhood game was, I’d say Spyro. I actually thought Spyro was a girl (up until about 2 minutes ago) – I guess at 10 years old, this doesn’t matter. But purple scales, delicate jumps… I just presumed. Still, looking back, I have nothing negative to say about this beautiful game.
  • Crash Bandicoot/Crash Team Racing:
    A lot of things in life link to certain memories or people – for me, these games remind me completely of my old next door neighbour, who at the time was probably my best friend. Again, like Spyro, I could play this game forever. It’s a classic.
  • Jungle Book Groove Party:
    I actually spent a lot of time on this game with family. Disney + dance mat = hours of fun. You play through as characters from the film, progressing through levels and dancing through harder and harder songs. It’s such a fun game.
  • Dance, Dance Revolution:
    Like above, dance games + the 90’s music I grew up with? Timeless…


Did you grow up with games? I’m really glad I did, are you?


36 thoughts on “Remembering The PlayStation One

  1. Omg girl why weren’t we childhood friends? I loved the PS1 I had one too and still do well my father does stored away somewhere lol I love Spyro and crash bandicoot where my two favsπŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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