7 Reasons I Hate Getting Older

Oh, Tuesday. I’m already aching for the weekend. A couple more weeks and I get a 4 day weekend to celebrate my birthday…I can’t wait!

So after basking in the brilliance and freedom of adulthood in my 7 Things I Love About Getting Older post, I thought it was about time I shared the 7 reasons I hate getting older, too! Wise words:

Great Power Gif


Why getting older is a bad thing…

1. You have to take part in a mind-numbingly tedious activity called ironing. Well, I guess you don’t have to… but creases.

2. You’re solely responsible for paying the bills on time. You mess up, and it’s on you. You forget a bill is due, it’s on you. Responsibility! Okay, I threw this in because people always moan about bills, but I enjoy managing money. Lists, lists and more lists!
im poor

3. It’s considering strange to still own (or sleep with) your cuddly teddy bears! (You can’t stop me, nobody can!)
toy story

4. If you live alone, there’s no mum or dad to shout if you hear a scary noise in the middle of the night. Similarly, you have to get rid of creepy bugs that make their way into your home! You can’t call for dad to scoop that giant spider out the window. Your move…
panic ron weasley

5. You understand and care what’s going on in the world/the news/politics. It’s horrifying to suddenly understand that the entirety of the morning news is bad news.

6. You have to get a job or a career. You’re likely looking at a 9-5 thingamajig, and I can now say from experience oh dear god, it’s so exhausting. The tiny specks of hope called weekends just aren’t long enough!
job things

7. If you are single, you’re bombarded with questions about boyfriends or marriage! If you’re not, everyone’s curious why there aren’t babies on the horizon! I’m not a baby making machine, I’m getting my degree! It’s 2015, people!


Oh, the list could go on! But equally, there are many reasons to be happy about ageing!  7 Reasons I Love Getting Older is much more of a happy read, pinky promise!


16 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Hate Getting Older

  1. Getting older isn’t all that bad. Being old, is. I very much enjoyed my years of getting here, but now I’m here, I’d like to go back. Just a little way back would do nicely – not too far. I like the knowledge I’ve accumulated now and would like to keep it. But youth has a lot going for it, too, so make the most of it before the ironing needs doing. 😀

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