101 Things in 1001 Days Update

Mary Poppins

Sucking up the wind and the cold, me and Matt finally took a trip to Hull Fair last night. It was the last night of the fair, but instead of being overly crowded it was actually pleasantly empty. The queues for the rides were small and there was enough space to slowly mooch hand in hand, which was perfect for me because I’m still feeling poorly.

As well as buying a shed load of sweets, brandy snap, cinder toffee and fudge, we actually went on quite a lot of rides! We must have been feeling adventurous, because looking back now, we went on some scary, fast rides!

Now to the point of this update… One of the challenges in my 101 Things, was to try to conquer my fear of heights. I’m petrified of heights, to the point of watching a view from high up on the TV makes me queasy and my heart beat fast, and you must imagine how awkward this makes life. Travelling by plane is no longer even an option – me and Matt went to Tunisia last year by plane, and I was a ridiculous, emotional wreck the entire flight. It pretty much ruined the holiday for me, with the constant foreknowledge of knowing how the flight home would feel. Conquering my fear of heights would be lovely, but improbable. You probably shouldn’t expect a magnificent recovery here, it was an epic failure.

To tick this challenge off the list, me and Matt bought tickets for the big wheel. Oh, hey, let’s start small, said neither of us.Β 

It was terrifying (for me, Matt loved it) and a huge waste of money. Normally, you get 2 or 3 trips around the wheel, but after the first go around I had to get Matt to flag down the worker to stop it and let me off. It was windy, too, so the carriage that was dangling in mid-air was blowing all over the place and creaking a lot.

Once we got to the top, Matt was cooing how beautiful it was, so I looked up from the floor for a couple of seconds to take some (very blurry) images. I was shaking, so you’ll have to excuse the pictures, but I have proof I went up there, and at least I tried!


Hull Fair

That is not a happy face.


But there we go, another thing ticked off my 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge!

Have you ever faced one of your biggest fears?Β 


45 thoughts on “101 Things in 1001 Days Update

  1. A month or so ago I went to the state fair and went on a helicopter ride. I’m not all that scared of heights but I wasn’t sure about riding in a helicopter. Long story short, it was amazing and wasn’t scary at all. It was such a smooth ride and I’m so glad I went.

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  2. I hope you manage to conquer your fear of heights one day, Morgan – if only to enable you to fly without ruining your holiday because of it. Hull Fair is the last one of the season, isn’t it? I know it always falls a week after Goose Fair in Nottingham. I’ve not been to either, although we’re only twenty miles form Nottingham. Hope you’re feeling better now, anyway.

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    • Thank you, I hope so too! And yes I think it is. Does start getting quite chilly up north in October so I imagine any later would be too cold. Definitely worth a trip on an evening, if anything for the atmosphere and the sweets! πŸ™‚

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      • My husband went to the Hull Fair a time or two when he was at university there in the 60s. Yes, he’s a Yorkshireman.Evening’s always the best time for fairs – so atmospheric. I love the Lincoln Christmas market best at night, too. (Lots of sweets there as well.) πŸ™‚


      • Ooo, I hadn’t heard of the Lincoln Christmas market before, but Lincoln is close by. I’ve been looking for a nice Christmas market to go to, after seeing all the beautiful pictures of the German markets at Christmas! Market envy!

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      • Lincoln’s a great market to go to because it’s a German-styled one, and is held all around the castle and cathedral. It’s really atmospheric, especially at night. I did a post about it last year, but I hadn’t been blogging very long then and the photos aren’t set out very well. This is the link to the post. It may give you an idea of what Lincoln Christmas market’s like and whether you’d like to visit:


      • I hope you don’t think it was cheeky of me to send that. I just thought it would give you some idea. It really is worth a visit. We went up to the one at York last year, too, and didn’t like it half as much. It was laid out in a really boring way compared to Lincoln’s.


      • Yes, all Christmas markets are worth visiting. We were planning to go to the one in Cologne in December, but we’ve already had lots of holidays this year, and have decided we’ve spent enough. Perhaps next year… πŸ™‚

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      • My train-geek grandson took the pics of the trains in Lincoln especially for my blog during the time of the Christmas market. He’s the one who keeps dragging us all to the Railway Museum at York. The steam trains bring people from all over the country and we get coachloads of people from the continent. Many of the stall holders are German, Scandinavian or French. I’m beginning to sound like a salesman, so I’ll shut up. πŸ™‚

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      • No, just go along, no payment. I don’t know how you’ll be travelling to Lincoln, but parking can be tricky. We only live seven miles away and last year we headed out to the Lincoln Showground to catch the Park and Ride. It’s so much easier than searching for a parking spot. There are several places the P&R run from. It might tell you online. I can easily find out for you, if you can’t. Last year we went druing the day, just so I could take photos for my blog. I didn’t fancy ‘flashing’ at night! This year we’ll go at night. I realise that could be difficult for you, if you’ve got far to travel back.


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