“The Experimenter” Lush Bath Bomb Review

When I first started buying Lush products, the Experimenter was something I ached to try but my local store didn’t stock it and it could only be found at the Oxford Street store – Or so I thought, as I didn’t yet know of the online store, oops!

When the new stock arrived, along with the Experimenter, I rushed straight in and bought the lot with the highest of high hopes on this seemingly magical, colourful bomb. I guess I just have to come out and say it, don’t I? I think this is the most over hyped, over appreciated and anti-climactic bath bomb I’ve tried so far.

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much right with this product. The colours are absolutely memorising, to a point you don’t really want get into the bath because your body with disrupt the beauty. You’ll see in a moment what I mean, but really, the colours are insane. The smell is fantastic, too. It’s very sweet and very intense. It immediately filled the bathroom and surrounding hallway with lovely smells. But none of that lasted long enough to satisfy me, at all.

The smell was instant and intense, but soon faded unlike many other bath bombs I’ve tried. The colours, as amazing and unbelievable as they were, lasted moments and soon the bath was a sludgy, grey blue colour. Granted, it was very relaxing (as long as you don’t look at the newly produced colour) and it did leave my skin feeling wonderful afterwards but I expected and hoped for so much more.

There needs to be a nice combination of: colour, smell, longevity and feel. The Experimenter seems to have focused completely on colours and smells, and left the other two necessary elements in the dust, which I think was a bad move.

Pretty though. And I would buy it again.

The progress from colour to… well, see for yourself.

The Experimenter
The Experimenter
The Experimenter
The Experimenter
The Experimenter

Not exactly the most pleasant colour really.

Have you tried it? What did you think?


12 thoughts on ““The Experimenter” Lush Bath Bomb Review

  1. Ohhh! Colors!!! I like!! That does look cool to begin with. Bummer it turns into an artist’s water dish soon after immersion. :/
    I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a complete bomb…. doh!! haha 🙂
    A bath does sound really nice.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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