200 Lovely Followers!

I didn’t ever imagine I’d have the chance to celebrate this, but here I am!

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I recently hit 200 followers *applauds*, and I’m seriously over the moon. Yes, my blog is for me and a tool to get my thoughts and ideas (digitally) onto paper but I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy lovely responses I get from you to the posts that I’ve put thought and time into! 200 fellow bloggers have mooched onto my blog and thought, yep, I like this, I like her writing or photographs or ideas. “Why” doesn’t matter much, I’m just pleased thatΒ 200 of you lovely people want to remember my blog!

200 Followers Achievement
“The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student” (catchy? not really) was created little over 2 months ago now but I feel like I’ve been blogging and sharing with you for years. I’m comfortable. I look forward to catching up with your posts. I even speak to many of my followers daily, which is brilliant – online friendships or not, I’ve met some wonderful people. I just didn’t ever expect what a great community I’d be joining. We seem to all enjoy reading, liking, commenting and chatting just as much as each other.

Thank you for following my blog, thank you for being interested in my words and photographs and I hope you enjoy reading my future posts as much as I love writing them! I’m very grateful!

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