7 Reasons I Love Getting Older

I’m so old at heart. It’s not that I want to age, it’s more that I’m comfortable with my age but I prefer the hobbies and interests of those older than me and pretty much despise the culture surrounding students, teenagers and the early 20’s.

Why getting older isn’t a bad thing…

1. You can choose parks and lakes over nights at sweaty, loud clubs and nobody can judge you.
Walking Gif

2. You can do your own food shopping, and define your own limits on sensible vegetables and not so sensible sweets and booze.
Sweets Candy Gif

3. Want to spend 7 hours playing a game on a Sunday because you don’t any other plans? Why not?

4. You can go to bed at 7, or 9, or 2 in the morning and that’s your choice. Early nights without others in the household keeping you up with very loud TV is no longer an issue. Lush.
Sleeping Snow White

5. You’re responsible for the cooking, so you can spend as much or as little time on the meals as you fancy.
American Hustle Cooking Gif

6. You can put your Christmas decorations up as early as you like.
Elf Film Santa Gif

kitten cute gif

Are you happy you’re able to do particular things now you’re growing older?


40 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Love Getting Older

  1. Haha, i like this. For me getting older means getting up earlier even though i dont want to. Losing my hair and havi g to work my way up slowly in the morning.
    On the up dide i can drink ale without being frowned at and my eccentricity isnt so unusual lol

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  2. I’m honestly excited to hit thirty next year. Once your twenties start to fade, things get even easier. Bills are easier to pay, suddenly you have more money, you know more about your personal style… The list is seriously endless. I never want to be in my early twenties again! Such a confusing time!
    I recently decided that I’m never going to ride a roller coaster again. They give me horrible panic attacks and I just hate them, even though people always convinced me to get on them. NEVER AGAIN! Just the realization that I never had to get on one again was so freeing. Love it!


  3. I have always considered myself an old soul. Never was into clubbing or anything like that. I always preferred good ol’ clean fun or just hanging out at home:p I am enjoying each passing decade.

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  7. Yeah, staying in the student mentality is for the birds! Not even the birds! I didn’t act like a student when I was! Getting older is fine! If you decide that you’re not going to act like an “old foagie”, then that matters so much more than your actual number!

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