Autumn “Must Haves”

I say this a lot, but I can’t quite stress how much I love Autumn. I’m not keen on Halloween (I’m a huge scaredy cat), but that’s only a small portion of the season and there is so much more for me to love. The changing colours, the crisp air, the breeze, the smells, the wildlife, my birthday and the transition into Christmas! It’s the beginning of the most wonderful 3 months of the year! The “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” advert aired for the first time tonight, and that’s way too exciting! Autumn is ace!

Unlike the transition from Spring to Summer, this change is much more obvious and the differences in fashion, food, lifestyle and weather are all clearer – especially to me, I’m rubbish with keeping up with the current trends! Even the television shows get better.

Me and Matt have recently finished ‘preparing’ for Autumn. We both got a new pair of Autumn/Winter boots to keep our toots warm, I found a perfect seasonal nail varnish which is now my all time favourite colour and we’ve been lighting the scented candles every evening. We moved around the furniture to get the living room ready for the Christmas decorations, and scattered the flat with blankets. It’s extremely cosy right now. With that being said, here are some of my 2015 Autumn must have finds for the colder months:

Apple and Cinnamon Scented Candles and Air Freshener:

Apple and Cinnamon Candle
Around Halloween, people rave about “pumpkin spice” everything. Candles, sweeties, hot drinks… That doesn’t interest me at all. For me, Autumn is my preparation for Christmas. It’s simply a 3 month countdown to the big day. In fact, Christmas starts in this household as soon as Halloween passes. The atmosphere and the love and festivity is so exciting, I’m happy to drag my favourite time of month out for as long as possible. To do this nice and early, as soon as Autumn hits we stock up on the Christmas candles and air fresheners that are slowly starting to populate the shops. Nothing smells like Christmas more than Apple and Cinnamon Christmas candles.

Knee High Boots:

Knee High Heeled Boots
I’m a sucker for a pair of knee high boots to prance around the fallen, crispy leaves in. They’re versatile enough to be worn with cute boot/skirt/jumper combinations as well as warm and cosy enough for the rain and snow with giant woolly scarves and Winter coats. Warm, dry feet are a must in Autumn. I grabbed myself a high heeled brown pair, and a sensible black pair. Work or play, my feet are going to thank me later.

Dark Red Nail Polish:

Malaga Wine OPI
Red nail polish is my favourite, but I don’t think my classic vintage red is an every day appropriate for the cold months. I like something darker, like a blood red or a light burgundy. OPI’s Malaga Wine is the absolute perfect Autumn colour – I applied it and fell in love. OPI is my go-to brand, so the fantastic quality and shine doesn’t shock me any more but what did surprise me was the beautiful colour. It’s a dark red wine. So seasonal.

My Camera:

Canon Camera
(Featuring a sneaky look at Malaga Wine on my fingers too!)

Autumn is beautiful, I think that’s something we can agree on. My camera’s are my extra eyes to help me capture everything these months have to offer me, as fleeting as it may be! I pass through a small woodland reserve daily to get to work, and it’s really lovely seeing the visible changes in nature and the hurrying of the wildlife as Winter draws nearer. Squirrels.

Do you have anything you repeatedly return to each Autumn? Any Autumn favourites? There are mine!



19 thoughts on “Autumn “Must Haves”

  1. I hoe we see more pics from your camera. I like sutumn too, but i dont look forwatd to the clocks going back, it makes me feel not great. But ive been picking blackberries in anger, i love that.
    Hope youre ok ☺

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