My Day in Photos | Aldbrough Beach

On Sunday evening, me and Matt went for a stroll on the beach with my parents and their 3 dogs. If being on a lovely beach wasn’t interesting enough, we also found a heap of bullets and exploded (we hope) bombs.

Me and Matt visit Aldbrough yearly to go camping in the Summer or at Easter, but we haven’t often travelled down just for a walk! It was a great idea, and we’re definitely going to keep it in mind for a nice weekend walk idea. The beach goes on for hours. If you don’t fancy getting your shoes sandy, it’s just as pleasant a walk across the cliff edge instead, which is just as pretty.

I took my new camera with me, so I captured some nice pictures including the gorgeous pups.

First though, look at these bad boys!


We know absolutely nothing about them, but they were super cool to find just sat there in the sand. The last image doesn’t quite do its size justice – see the footprint in the corner? That’s from an Alsation. The larger half was around the size of my foot! Pretty impressive, whatever it is.



Thanks for stopping by, lovelies!


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