Frank Body Coffee Scrub Review

I’m many a thing: mostly humble, always caffeinated, naturally derived; and 100% Australian owned and made. I started as a simple coffee scrub, equal parts dirty and loving. Now I’m a growing coffee-based skincare range, because I’ve always said I’ll love every inch of your bod. I do a lot of things, which you’ll soon discover. Importantly, I only test on babes.

Frank Body creates cruelty-free, completely natural skincare products that primarily use the natural benefits of coffee to help enhance and improve the look and feel of our skin. The coffee scrub is their most popular product, and that’s the product I’ve been trying out for a couple of weeks now!

Frank Body

An all-natural scrub appealed to me instantly, especially with the claims from customers who have mentioned the visible difference in their skin! On top of that, there were a lot of impressive before and after images (#TheFrankEffect) of stretch marks, acne, scars and a shed load of other skin conditions.

I have very sensitive skin, so I don’t use my Frank Body scrub every time I bathe/shower (just in case), but I do use it once a week. I haven’t noticed a difference in stretch marks or scars yet, but the look, feel and smell of my skin afterwards is enough for me to keep using it. A couple of scrubs isn’t enough to notice a difference visibly, so I’m not yet worried that it isn’t working.

Here are a couple of customer before and after images from the website. Very impressive!

Frank Body
Frank BodyFrank Body

The scrub I’m using, which is the original scrub, has an insanely gorgeous smell of chocolate orange and coffee. To use, you scoop out a little handful out of the environmentally-friendly, simple wrapper and rub the dirt-like texture all over your body after bathing. You leave it on for 10 minutes, so I like to have a bath first and as the water is draining I begin applying the scrub and once it has finished draining, I’ll use the shower head to wash it off.

After a scrub, my skin feels unnaturally soft but that’s not a bad thing. It feels insane, but beautiful. You know that meme that girls circulate  around the internet – “Feel my legs, feel me, I’ve shaved them, I’m like a dolphin” etc. –  well, this is it. The Frank Bod effect is pretty much converting ladies into dolphins, and it’s wonderful. The smell lasts all day, as does the silky smooth body.

Even if the scrub does nothing to improve the look of my stretch marks and scars, I’ll continue to use it. There is a huge novelty feeling when covering yourself with a handful of (what looks like) dirt, rubbing it into your skin in circles and standing in the tub for 10 minutes just waiting.


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