101 Things in 1001 Days Update

Hello lovelies!

lego movie hi

I’ve recently been slowing ticking off some of my tasks for my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge, so I thought it was about time I posted a little update!

To begin with, I’m absolutely loving this challenge. If anything, when me and Matt have been a bit unsure what to do (weekends, evenings etc.) we can consult the list and see what ideas we have set in stone! It’s also brought back my love for all things creative, which I’m so grateful for, especially seen as I’m back at work now so it’s all very serious and adult. There are a lot of Autumn/Winter ideas on the list, so I’m really excited to get stuck into those in the coming weeks and months too (autumn leaf art, conkers, snow angels, sledging).

There are also a lot more craft/Pinterest ideas to accomplish! I’m thinking this will be a lovely task for the Autumn and Winter evenings after work with Matt. We can bake cakes, and buns, and there are so many Pinterest pins that I want to try out (and I promise there is much more variety than just food!)

So what’s new?

  • I visited 3 new bars/pubs recently. That’s 3 more out of the 20 new pubs/bars I’d like to try throughout the challenge!
  • I visited 1/10 new museums. It was brilliant. My favourite museum ever! It’s called the National Railway Museum, in York. I’ll post photos soon, because it was fascinating. The size of those old trains… wow.
  • Speaking of which, I went on a train! Another one ticked off the list!
  • I said “yes” to something out of my comfort zone. At Welton Waters, I agreed to get onto a raft and into a deep lake. I almost died, but I did it and I won’t ever forget that (and that’s not necessarily a good thing!)
  • I bought a new camera! I’ve wanted an upgrade for ages, and I finally did it.

There are links to most of these in the original 101 Things in 1001 Days post. I keep it constantly updated, so I always know how far along the challenge I am! Take a look at the original to see how much more I have left to do! I can’t wait to get stuck in to some more of them.

Thanks for reading,

Have any of you got anything you’d really like to accomplish soon or in the near future?


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