September is practically over now, and I’m really happy to see it go. Even though it has been a really brilliant month, it’s no secret that I love the Autumn and Winter months so the closer we get, the more excited I’m getting!

Here’s my September wrap up:

Personal Achievements and Memorable Moments:

  • I started my new job at Seed Software, after having a super productive few weeks of preparation.
  • Me and Matt celebrated our 4 year anniversary! We couldn’t be happier. Cuties.
  • Although I’ve got a new job, I’m spending a lot of time focusing on my hobbies. I bought myself a new camera, have more craft supplies and have lots of good ideas for what I want to get cracking on next!
  • Me and Matt rearranged the living room, ready for the Christmas decorations to be put up! Eager, yes. We love the Christmas atmosphere.
  • We visited a beautiful wedding fair and train museum in York, and it was one of the best days! Another museum to tick off the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge too. Photo post will come soon!


  • I redesigned my blog and side bar, and I’m much happier with it’s appearance and functionality now! Of course, I kept my little logo!
  • I’ve had a lot of blog love this month. My comments have been going crazy and I’ve almost reached 200 followers! So exciting. I’m very grateful!
  • I began creating personalised blog headers for each post, which I’m very happy with. I’ve finally settled with a nice blog style.


  • In anticipation of Doctor Who series 9, me and Matt watched series 1 – 8 of Doctor Who. Legends.
  • Found even more of a huge love for Felicia Day, after binge watching all of her ‘flogs‘ on YouTube.
  • I had a super nostalgic Viva Piñata phase on Xbox 360. I smashed through those achievements, and had a Chewnicorn piñata in record time… yes. Currently playing Far Cry 3.

Plans for October:

1. Create a blog planning schedule. It will make it much easier for me to know when I’ll be posting what type of blog posts etc. Speaking of which, I also plan on buying myself a blogging journal to keep all my blog posts, ideas and notes in.

2. Autumn-themed blog posts. It’s time to get festive. I’m super looking forward to this!

3. Create a meal idea journal at home. I have so many beautiful food ideas, and I’m losing track of them all. They’re all stored on different devices, so it’s about time I created a collection of them in physical form.

4. Focus on regular photography posts. I have huge photography sessions at least every weekend, so there is no excuse for not beginning a weekly Sunday blog post!

How has your month been? Do you have any plans for October?

Thanks for reading!


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