The Blogger Recognition Award

Happy Saturday lovelies,
Hello Great Gatsby Gif
With tonight’s Doctor Who episode on the horizon, I can’t quite concentrate on the blog post I had planned for today so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on an award I’ve had in the sidelines since Wednesday (Sorry I didn’t get around to it sooner, Becca!)

It’s the Blogger Recognition award, which asks for a short post explaining why I started blogging.


  1. Write a post explaining why you started blogging along with a few tips.
  2. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember, but the idea of having my own blog was only planted once I started university. A lecturer suggested a blog would improve writing skills for those who weren’t comfortable writers (clearly not me), but it would also allow us to have an online ‘portfolio’ of sorts. My blog didn’t end up being hugely technical, but it has helped me in other ways such as stress-relief and I’ve met some brilliant people here. I look forward to opening up WordPress and catching up with your blogs, and reading the lovely things you have to say about my posts. Because I have so many hobbies and interests, it’s such a nice feeling knowing I can share all of them here, and you guys enjoy my blog all the same! I’m so grateful for my WordPress family!

There are, of course, so many other reasons I began blogging but because I’ve had this award nomination before I’ve already told a different side of it. This is the other side of the coin!



Like, comment and chat with fellow bloggers. If you create friends online, or people who you know are regular viewers of your blog, make sure you keep in touch. Everybody appreciates feedback.

Don’t blog for others, blog for yourself. I began my blog thinking I should create blog posts that appeal to others, but that isn’t the way to go. It’s your blog, it’s your life and your words.

Use good quality images. This isn’t something I’ve ever had a problem with, but I have seen a few blogs that have brilliantly written posts but the images they include make them appear so unprofessional. As well as avoiding low quality images, I also think centred images that fit the screen fully are also a huge improvement.



Same as always applies. If you don’t want to take part, that’s completely fine!

Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Oooh thanks for the nomination lovely – I shall have a think and put together a post.
    It’s always interesting to read why/how others started their blog and I’m so glad we recently connected via our blogs/wordpress!
    I totally agree that you should write it for yourself… that’s what I try to do.
    Sammy x

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