Welcome To The Family, Canon 750D!

I cannot control my excitement, so bare with my completely unplanned and very over-excited blog post!

I had to sell my previous digital SLR a few months back, because we had zilch money for food and bills and it just had to be done (boo, being grown-up). I felt like I lost an arm. So, when I eventually decided to buy me a new one, I had to upgrade!

This camera is absolutely incredible. I’ve had it about an hour so far, so this isn’t a review, but I can’t wait to get cracking with figuring out all the new bits and bobs it has to offer that my previous Canon camera didn’t have. It features a rotatable touch screen to make photographing at awkward angles a lot easier, and would also be super handy for vlogs as it spins completely allowing you to view yourself when the camera is pointing directly at you. Like I said, I haven’t had it long but a huge improvement I have found from my old camera to this one is the auto-focus. I don’t know if this is a bit sad… but I was literally speechless at how quickly and effectively it would auto-focus. During video, it automatically adjusts too which is such a treat! It’s very light, it has a rubber-like coating which is brilliant for grip and did I mention TOUCH SCREEN? Yes, I did. But come on, that’s pretty cool… (I’m easily impressed, I know)

I’m going for a walk into town and onto the marina this afternoon to have a more vigorous testing of the little beauty, but either way I’m over the moon. If anything, it’s a massive upgrade from my previous and that’s all I needed.

Canon 750D

First photograph I took on the new camera

Canon 750D

Had to try out a generic eye shot

Canon 750D

Ivy’s cute little feet

Canon 750D

Also looks nice in black and white

Thanks for reading, lovelies!


10 thoughts on “Welcome To The Family, Canon 750D!

  1. Great photos… I would eat my left arm for a half-decent camera. Alas, unless I sell my left arm, I would never have enough money for it – especially now it’s a bit chewed 🙂

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