My ‘Go-To’ Youtube Channels!

Afternoon lovelies,

Because I don’t have enough to do already, it appears I like YouTube now too! Me and Matt have grown to enjoy a few videos in the evening, and when I’m working on something I sometimes put subscribed vlog catch-ups on in the background.
This post isn’t going to cover the obvious tutorial videos, help videos, programming videos etc. that I find myself using often, and instead will cover the channels I pop over to for fun when I have an hour or so spare!

BuzzFeed videos:
I always look forward to new videos posted on this channel. They’re usually quick 2-3 minute funny videos, but because they’re so short the time just flies by.

Yey, film! Me and Matt generally stick to the ‘Top 10’ film videos, but they also cover a whole range of stuff including books, actors, games, facts or general knowledge.

Screen Junkies:
Screen Junkies are the genius behind Honest Trailers. A sarcastic take on famous/hit films and they’re absolutely hilarious, especially if you’ve seen the films they’re mocking!

Post-modern Jukebox:
This channel is full of stunning vintage covers of (generally) modern songs. It’s definitely one of my favourites to check out, and the example I’ve included below is one of the most beautiful covers EVER. Listen!

Thanks for reading!


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