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Afternoon readers!

Yesterday, I posted my Liebster Award kindly nominated by My Memoir Entries and one of the questions I was asked to answer was what ‘type’ I received when taking the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. I’d never heard of it and never taken the test before but when I did I was so fascinated with the results I just had to create a blog post dedicated to it entirely!

The questions were reasonably detailed, and took around 10 minutes to complete, but the response was my personality down to a pinpoint. I’d say sadly (you’ll see why in a moment) but I’ve come to understand I have a very strong personality, very strong opinions, very sensitive, very inclined to perfection and I do tend to choose logic over emotions frequently. That’s just who I am! I’m like Marmite – you love me, or you hate me.

(I highly suggest you take the test yourself too, it was really enjoyable reading all of the information they picked up about the suggested personality type!)

So, my results!

INTJ Personality (“The Architect”):

Apparently, this is the rarest of personality types to receive, with only two percent of the population categorised here. Women are especially lacking, with only 0.8% of the population as INTJ. Probably why I hate people so much, I can’t find anybody else like me. From the diagram alone, it’s clear my personality traits and preferences are strong.
Personality testWhat does this break down mean?

Definitely. I’m a huge introvert. When I do have to go out and about, I can’t stand the noises, smells and sounds. Matt has always said I’m like a cat, and I guess that fits the bill perfectly.
If you haven’t guessed from my blog already, I’m super creative and super imaginative so ideas come to me quite easily. In fact, I’d say I have way too many ideas and plans to fit in a single brain!
Oh, how perfectly could something be explained in words? Like my mum and my granddad, emotions are an odd thing for us to grasp and use. It definitely runs in the family. It’s difficult to comfort people when they’re sad. It’s difficult to explain why I’m sad! ‘Logically’, on the other hand, is one of my most regularly used words – I use it to make decisions, explain why I’m right, plan things and even down to the most trivial of choices such as which TV series to watch.
4 Lists, lists, lists. If one trait could be applied to me alone, this little explanation is perfect for it. Spontaneous plans? No, thank you. That’s just going to lead to trouble. I guess that’s why I received 100% here…

Finally, turbulent – one of my strongest and most despised traits. I am a horrible stress-head. In my most recent year of university, I cried daily. I am self-conscious, but I don’t often find myself in social situations so I can avoid this quite nicely. I need to succeed in everything I do, and if teachers/lecturers/professionals don’t like me it’s like a bullet to my heart. This is most definitely a trait I like the least, but without it I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m driven and I will succeed in everything I do (eventually) because of this and this alone!

P.S Kevin, I’m sure you’ll read this eventually! This is the exact reason I needed my little college office, isn’t it?

Once you’ve been given your results, it shows some people who fit into your catagory – both real life and fictional characters.

My list included: Vladimir Putin, Augustus Caesar, Hannibal, Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy.
Fictional characters included: “Gregory House” from House M.D, “Professor Moriarty,” Sherlock Holmes’ enemy, “Katniss Everdeen” from The Hunger Games and “Gandalf the Grey” from The Lord of the Rings.

I’m just so glad I didn’t get Hitler…

When Matt found out my list included Putin and Hannibal he almost fainted with laughter. I couldn’t believe it! What’s even funnier is this is Matt’s list of similar personality types: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and a beautiful, obvious contrast to mine, “James Wilson” from House M.D. (By the way, how good is House? So good.)

Clearly, opposites attract!


Thanks for reading,


13 thoughts on ““The Architect” | Myer Briggs Type Indicator

  1. hahah I got people like Oprah, Barack Obama, and Abraham Lincoln!! Apparently I’m very sensitive to others feelings and take everyone into account..which would make me a good leader apparently. I highly doubt that..i hate making decisions!!

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  2. I took a professional version of this test when I was 15 when my school was doing careers testing, and I came up an INTP, so we’re kind of similar :p Apparently psychologists say the MBTI should be taken with a generous handful of salt but, like you, I’ve always found my personality type description to be uncannily accurate.

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  3. I took this test a few months ago. Actually, I took it twice lol because I was suspicious and did find it to be crazily accurate! I tested as a INFJ (the advocate), which is apparently the rarest of the rare lol

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  4. Haha all I can imagine since doing this test is Vladimir Putin and Nelson Mandela sat in our flat cuddling on the couch. I have enough feelings for the two of us, you have enough logic for an entire country! I still think you’re a cat.


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