Doctor Who Season 9, Tonight!

Brand new, never before seen Doctor Who… that’s a big deal, considering the amount of times me and Matt have re-watched the entirety of Doctor Who!

You’re going to have to give me a bit of leeway regarding my writing tonight, because I can’t control my excitement enough to function fully. Tonight is the night, it is returning and every Whovian is waiting in anticipation!

Doctor Who Matt Smith

I have very, very high hopes for this series. I think Capaldi is a brilliant Doctor, but I struggle with Clara. With Matt Smith, I despised her (strong word, I know) but, to me, she ruined his regeneration and the end that Matt’s 11th Doctor deserved. With Capaldi, I can watch her happily but there isn’t any chemistry between them. Doctor Who became the ‘Clara Show’, and that’s a shame. We need to see the 12th Doctor in his element, in the spot light! The news (spoiler) of her confirmed quitting of the show came as a happy surprise for me, especially considering I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like her… I definitely wasn’t expecting her to leave any time soon.

After an ‘introductory’ series, it feels like a full series arc is well deserved. Missy is absolutely insane, completely brilliant but the arc she held was nothing in comparison to the arcs we had in series 5 and 6. It’s about time they reintroduced the suspense that keeps fans up all night, waiting and waiting for next Saturday!

This series I’m feeling a bit of Gallifrey, a bit of Missy (the Master), a massive bit of new information, a new companion and a light shone completely on the Doctor – no huge emphasis on the companions, let us just see how the 12th Doctor shines!

Here’s a little overview of the full episode list of series 9 (so exciting, I know):

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi
We’re looking at quite a few 2-parters this series! At the time, I absolutely despise them – you have to wait a full week for the cliff hanger to resolve itself! On the other hand, the clever writers have 2 episodes to cram as much of an epic storyline in as they can. Unlike separate episodes, they’re related and that makes everything much more exciting.

  • 1. The Magician’s Apprentice – “What’s a confession dial?” “In your terms, a will. This is the last will and testament of the Time Lord known as the Doctor.”
  • 2. The Witch’s Familiar – “The Doctor is trapped. He’s a prisoner of the creatures who hate him most in the universe. Between us and him is everything the greatest warrior race in history can throw at us. We, on the other hand, have a pointy stick.”
  • 3. Under the Lake – “It’s impossible! It’s evil! I hate it! It’s astonishing! I want to KISS IT TO DEATH.”
  • 4. Before The Flood – “Doctor. Hello. Can I just say: huge fan.”
  • 5. The Girl Who Died – “There’s going to be a war tomorrow. And here’s some news, this just in – we are going to win the hell out it!”
  • 6. The Woman Who Lived – “Ninja, nun, surgeon, scientist, composer, inventor… it’s a fantastic CV.”
  • 7. The Zygon Invasion – “Operation Double is a covert operation, outside of normal UNIT strictures, to resettle and rehouse an alien race, in secrecy, on planet Earth.”
  • 8. The Zygon Inversion – “Humans cannot accept us the way we really are. If we cannot hide, we must fight. You’re going to be the first. You’re going to be the first to make the humans see.”
  • 9. Sleep No More – This is footage collected from a space rescue mission. If you value your life, your sanity, and the future of your species, DO NOT WATCH IT.
  • 10. Face The Raven – “There have always been rumours. Stories passed from traveller to traveller, mutterings about hidden streets, secret pockets of alien life right here on Earth.”
  • 11. Heaven Sent – “When, at last, you rise to go, there will be another shadow next to yours. And your life will then be over.”
  • 12. Hell Bent – “Is it a sad song?” “Nothing’s sad till it’s over. Then everything is.” “What’s it called?” “I think it’s called Clara.” “Tell me about her.”

I think we’re going to be looking at some tears this series…
An hour to go. Enjoy, Whovians!

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18 thoughts on “Doctor Who Season 9, Tonight!

    • Same. didn’t want to be too harsh to possible Clara readers but she’s foul. I can’t wait for her to leave! I did a little happy dance when I found out the news. Did you enjoy tonight’s episode ?


      • I think it is definitely time for her to leave, although I did like her in the beginning. Also, I did a bunch of “which companion are you?”-quizzes and I almost always got her … hence my screen name. However, I do get why some people strongly dislike her.

        Tonight’s episode … hmm … I did not love it, no. I feel like nothing at all happened and if Moffat ever wanted to end the show in a doom and gloom kind of way that would have been a contender for final episode.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It felt way too short me, about 15 minutes long, as if it was missing the second half. But I guess that’s why it’s a 2 parter… I really enjoyed the surprise of Davros but Clara took over again and the Doctors story barely even started! Love the hand mines and Missy is amazing… Imagine if her and the master ended up best friends, properly, and travelled omg.


      • Those were my thoughts exactly. It didn’t feel like 50 minutes at all and like the majority of the story was missing. I just hope they actually tie it up nicely next week though.
        I am actually not that huge a fan of Missy :/ I think I am pretty alone with that though. I think she is funny and has some great lines sometimes, but I wouldn’t want her there all the time.

        Liked by 2 people

      • A lot of people I know are struggling with the idea that she’s the master and can’t stop that attachment! I see her totally as a different character, it’s weird but it helped me get over it :p
        Rumours of Missy as a companion too. What type of companion would you want next?


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