Chasing Charli by Aneta Quinn

Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Published: September 11th 2015

Isn’t WordPress amazing? Aneta Quinn is a lovely, fellow blogger who I’ve been following and chatting with for a while now. The topic of her first, newly finished novel came up the other day and she kindly allowed me to have a cheeky read before she published it on Amazon. You can also find it on Goodreads.

Chasing Charli Aneta Quinn

After witnessing a murder, Charli is forced to move away from her city life filled with champagne and high society lunches.

Some terrible situations can lead to better circumstances though, like Charli moving away with her bodyguard and best friend Jax; who incidentally she has wanted ever since he came into her life bossing her around.

Will moving help her outrun whoever is after her, or will everything eventually catch up? And is there something she’s hiding from Jax?

Charli hates the girl her mum wants her to be, so when the opportunity to leave her upper class life for a while arises she jumps on the chance of expressing her true, unrestricted self and finally allows herself to fall deeper in love with her friend and bodyguard Jax.

With this being an adult romance (completely sexy as hell), I first want to point out how well written the primary story is. The plot is brilliant – there are twists and turns, shocks, the dialogue is easy to relate to and modern and there’s a whole ‘who’s done it?’ element that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat the whole time. I definitely was not expecting such a heart-racing finale, especially with this being did I say her first novel!

Genre-wise, it’s tricky to pinpoint. It most definitely is adult and most definitely romance, but it’s also absolutely hilarious and I’d often find myself chucking at the banter the two protagonists have between them. As well as all of that, you have to add crime fiction. It’s primary focus was the murder Charli witnessed and the resulting consequences of her being followed and captured. It’s very gripping, and I’m gutted the book wasn’t longer!

Charli and Jax’s relationship is hot stuff, but to keep this review clean, let’s leave it at that!

It’s definitely worth a read. It’s easy, quick and exciting. As for negatives, like I said, I’m disappointed it wasn’t longer but I guess it’s length adds to the charm. I did feel very overwhelmed with the quick topic changes but that’s no fault of the book itself, I just like a steadier pace.

Thanks for letting me have a read Aneta, I loved it! Super cool, super sexy, super exciting and I’m so happy for you. You did an ace job, can’t believe it’s your first!


5 thoughts on “Chasing Charli by Aneta Quinn

  1. Ive been grinning at my computer screen for the past 5 minutes after reading your review!! thank you SO much…you don’t understand how much this means to me! I will take all considerations into my next book..making it longer, and trying not to jump too much with the topics. Thanks so much again! xxx

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