The “Creative Blogger” Award

Evening lovelies,

I was nominated for the “Creative Blogger” award by Dimple who has a lovely bookish blog that you should definitely check out!


• Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
• Share 5 facts about yourself.
• Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
• Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

5 Facts:

• I’m quite little… I’m 5’4″ but in comparison to my 6ft+ Matthew I always feel like the tiniest thing in the world.
• Not related to the above fact, I struggle to walk properly in flat shoes! My feet feel more comfortable in the tip toe position.
• If I could change my style (fashion, hair, behaviour etc.) I would take inspiration from 50’s pin up models. My wardrobe is getting there, but I’m useless at styling my hair. We’ll see.
• My cats are my absolute babies. They are the light of my world. People say cats don’t have personalities or an appreciation for their human parents but they’re so wrong. You treat your cat like a baby, they will treat you like a mummy. Both my cats have such strong personalities, but they are so different from each other in every way (apart from species, I guess…)
• Both me and Matt need glasses, so when we leave the house without them I can only imagine watching us trying to function is like watching an old fashioned silent comedy. Squinting, “what does it say!?”, “I don’t know, didn’t you bring your glasses!?” Useless.

Short and sweet post for tonight! Thank you Dimple for the nomination.

Always like to hear more about people I follow!
• P.J @ Gallifreyan Ramblings – one of the first blogs I followed!
• Aneta @ Inspire Script – just read her first book, and I absolutely loved it.
• Kat @ The Impossible Girl Blog – a new fave of mine. She covers books, TV, film and is nice and chatty! (Plus she probably loves Doctor Who as much as me…)
• Amelie @ A Wanderer’s Adventures – a new lifestyle blog that is easily one of the best and varied lifestyle blog I follow.

Same goes as always, if you guys don’t want to participate that’s completely fine!

Hope you liked the facts I had to share!
Thanks for reading,



24 thoughts on “The “Creative Blogger” Award

  1. Congrats! You are right about cats I have two lovely fur babies who also love me just as much. When I was sick and bed bound for a week my cat never left my side and refused to leave my bed until feeding time. He usually goes outside everyday and comes back about 4 just shows doesn’t it how compassionate they are xxx

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  3. Thanks so much for nominating me and saying such lovely things! I will definitely do this, just give me a little time – coming up with facts about myself is getting increasingly difficult hahaha
    Also, I really liked your facts! I feel like I know you a lot better already 🙂

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