Encouraging Thunder Award! | Why Do I Blog?

Encouraging Thunder
Afternoon, lovelies. (Or ‘prevening’, if you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory…)

I’ve been nominated for a blogging award by the lovely Shelby @ Miles of Life Lines. Thank you! I’ve linked her blog so you can go check her out.

This is the Encouraging Thunder award, and it’s a way of letting your followers know why you blog!


  1. Thank your nominator
  2. Tell the world why you blog
  3. Nominate 5 more people

Here goes,

People love stories, and I have so much to say. On social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, expressing yourself or telling people how you feel (properly) seems to be frowned upon, or people really don’t care. Here, people choose to follow your blog and choose to listen to the stories and the things you have to say.

I’ve written lists, stories, poems, songs and reports throughout my life, but I’m always magnetised back to the idea of a diary or a journal. I love writing down my life, what I’ve done, what I’m thinking, advice, tips, reviews and all the wonderful photos I’ve taken from the life I’m in love with. As much as I’d love a written diary, my heart belongs to technology and digital was the way for me.

Many people who don’t take part in online communities such as this one wonder “why share your life with people you don’t know?” I’m not, really. I’m sharing it for me, and I’m allowing everyone else in. I could just as easily make all my posts private, but what would be the point? We want feedback, advice, compliments and the whole point of a community is to share what we’ve got to say. I’ve met some lovely people already, and I’ve only been here less than two months!

I love my blog, I’m always excited to sit down and write, I’m grateful for my followers, and I love reading what everybody else has to say. It’s a secret side of me that not many people know about, where I’m passionate and excited about things other than university, work and programming.

Thanks again Shelby for the nomination! A nice way to integrate a “Why I Blog” post too!



Matt @ Matt And His Cats
Dimple @ Enthralling Dimple
Shivalika @ Whimsy Journals
Tamara @ Orange Pond Connects
Matt @ Pink Suburbia

Would love to hear why you blog!


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