DIY Bookmark Monsters

Evening lovelies,

Adding to my plethora of interests and hobbies, here’s a bit of a “how-to” arts and craft post on how to make your own corner eating, greedy monster bookmarks. One of my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenges was to complete several Pinterest projects, and how can a bookworm like me resist making my own bookmarks! I think I have a new hobby… I’ve made a small army already, and I have plans for a group of Halloween inspired bookmarks I’ll be making soon!

Here are my finished products:

DIY Corner Bookmark Monsters

So, how did I make these little monsters?

1: Start with coloured card of your choice. If you have patterned card, you can skip the steps where I cover the plain card with patterned tissue paper.
Pencil out 3 squares in an L-shape, as shown below. My bookmarks are 2.5inches x 2.5inches, and they seem to be the right size.

DIY Bookmarks

2. Draw a diagonal line from the top corner of the outer squares, towards the middle square. You’re not going to need to outer halves, so scribble them out if you like.

DIY Bookmarks

3. Cut out your shape. It should look like a bit of an arrow.

DIY Bookmarks

4. Score a line with a knife or scissors across the edges of the full square and fold the halves. Fold them like you’re making a little mouth, or pouch!

DIY Bookmarks

5. If you didn’t choose to use patterned card, you can cover the plain card with something patterned. I used tissue paper with animal prints on to create my monsters!
You’ll need to cut out pieces that fit both the full square, as if to cover the mouth, and also one triangular piece to cover the top of the monster. Once you’ve stuck down your patterned card, glue or tape the two triangular halves together to stick your pouch together!

DIY Bookmarks

6. Add your googly eyes. If you don’t have googly eyes, I made a couple of monsters eye’s out of card. Circle of white card, circle of coloured card and topped it off with a little black piece for the pupil!

DIY Bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks

7. Why not add some sharp teeth?

DIY Bookmarks

My final monsters:

Original Monster:

DIY Bookmarks


DIY Bookmarks


DIY Bookmarks


DIY Bookmarks

What do you think?

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Photographs are my own. © Morgan Mills

28 thoughts on “DIY Bookmark Monsters

  1. holy. shit. these are THE cutest things ever!! can’t wait to see your Halloween ones – i love everything horror, so therefore Halloween..counting down the days even though Australia hardly celebrates it :/


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