The Mystery of Cats and Candles

The nights get darker, the air gets colder and Harley gets a little bit more stupid every year.

Candle Burning

Last Winter, her curiosity with burning candles led to her tail catching fire (yes, actually on fire), numerous burnt off whisker attempts and many almost “set the flat on fire” by kicking the candles onto the floor incidents. She has shocking amounts of determination to stick her face as close to a naked flame as she can. With her being less than a year old at the time, I presumed it was a phase. She’s a kitten, kittens are daft.

Tonight, less than a week into September, there was a bit of a chill in the air so we picked up our yearly practice of using half a dozen candles to warm the living room. Within an hour or so, Harley parked herself in between two lit candles and a lamp, with barely an inch between a flame and her face. She looked so cute and warm, snuggled up in between them that we didn’t want to move her, but she has a tendency to startle suddenly and run up and down rooms so can you imagine the situation with nearby candles…?

I moved her face away from the candle, and to show appreciation of my touch she flung herself onto her back and stretched out completely, knocking a scented candle off the furniture towards the floor. My epic reflexes caught the thing, without even a drop of wax *applauds*.

Apparently, once a daft cat always a daft cat and it wasn’t just a phase after all. Here’s to another Winter of singed cat hair and sitting in melted wax.


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