75 Things That Make Me Smile

(Quick pointer: this post formats awfully on iPads and tablets. I apologise in advance if this is where you’re viewing from!)

It’s always a lovely idea to remind yourself what makes you happy and what makes you tick. Sometimes I forget about the simple bits and bobs that make me smile, so here’s a little reminder for myself (and of course, my readers):

  1. Bath bombs and bubble bars

    The Experimenter

    The Experimenter

  2. Corn on the cob
  3. Foot rubs and back tickles from Matt
  4. Cooking
  5. Fresh bedding
  6. Early nights
  7. Painting my nails
  8. Films, rating and reviewing them with Matt
  9. My fur babies
  10. Fried egg/boiled egg/scrambled egg on toast
  11. Making lists (you’d never guess!)
  12. Yorkshire countryside
  13. Cups of tea and biscuits
  14. Italy
  15. Reading

    Comfy Reading

    Couldn’t be comfier!

  16. Green
  17. Arts and crafts – anything of the sorts

    Mandala Drawing

    I love a detailed doodle!

  18. Photography
  19. Farmers Markets
  20. Red wine
  21. Dimly lit rooms
  22. Candles
  23. Buying new pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers in colder weather
  24. Garlic rice
  25. Drooling cuddles from Harley
  26. Every morning I wake up with Matt
    Family in Bed
  27. New shoes
  28. Christmas decorations (we put ours up on my birthday, November 7th!)
  29. Silk
  30. Horses
  31. Doing the food shopping and meal planning (is that sad?)
  32. Games nights
  33. Museums and art galleries
  34. Buying new mugs
  35. Stationary
  36. Watching old videos and looking at old photos
  37. Doctor Who
  38. Dresses
  39. Garden centres
  40. Long walks with Matt
  41. Film cameras
  42. Visiting new places
  43. Baby animals
  44. Train rides with window seats
  45. Watching cute or funny cat videos (I’m a slave to my generation)
  46. Autumn
  47. Christmas atmosphere

    Christmas Lights Hull

    Christmas Lights, Hull

  48. Crispy browns leaves
  49. Coming home from the cold and getting comfy and snug at home
  50. Beautiful scenery
  51. Fishing
  52. Snow (but not the slushy snow, just fresh snow)
  53. Singing
  54. Vintage clothing
  55. Charity shops
  56. Brambling and making pies with the berries
  57. Wrapping presents and writing cards
  58. My birthday, every year

    Birthday Balloons

    My birthday last year, 2014. Day before Matt proposed!

  59. Toffee ice-cream
  60. Travelling
  61. Warm bread and butter
  62. Romantic gestures (both from me and to me)
  63. Novelty socks
  64. Book shops (I could spend hours in them, and well, I do)
  65. Fresh flowers
  66. Laughing fits for no significant reason
  67. Family trips
  68. When both cats sleep on the bed with us at night
  69. Locking the front door and knowing we don’t have any obligations over the weekend
  70. Gravy
  71. When the fur babies greet us so nicely every morning and every time we come home (they roll over onto their backs and meow, every time)
  72. My engagement ring

    Engagement Ring

    A reminder, every day!

  73. Blue eyes (my eyes!)
  74. Swing dancing, Lindy hop and Jazz music
  75. Sunsets and the stars

How similar are we? Do any of these make you smile too?

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


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