My Day in Photos | Hornsea Mere!

Evening lovelies,

Me and Matt are being super adventurous recently (for two huge introverts, that is), and today we visited Hornsea. We did pop to the beach, but the most enjoyable part of the day was our trip to Hornsea Mere, which is the largest freshwater lake in Yorkshire!

The water was a bit choppy, so I didn’t want to push my luck and go on a boat again, so instead we walked around the lake, kept our eyes open for wildlife and skimmed stones. It was another super lovely day!
I’m absolutely exhausted now though. We’ve walked miles and miles over the past few days, but we’ve been all over East Yorkshire so it’s worth it.

A short and sweet post tonight before I go to bed, because I just wanted to show some snaps I got of the lake etc. We were enjoying ourselves a bit too much to worry about taking wonderfully composed photographs, but I did catch a few simple, pretty ones! If you live in Yorkshire and haven’t been, I really recommend it. It’s stunning!

Hornsea Mere

Another stunning sky today.

Hornsea Mere

Choppy waters and a single seagull.


This friendly little bird was inches away from us. We don’t know what it is though. Anybody?


Photograph inception. A picture of me taking a picture of a swan!


A sneaky shot of me.

Me and Matt

Cheeky couple shot.

Me and Matt

Had to stop for a cup of tea/hot chocolate to warm our bones.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve had a nice day/night wherever in the world you are.



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