Blonde Prejudice | Is It Worth Going Back?

Who’d have thought your hair colour would be such an important consideration when studying in a male-dominated course? Nope, me neither.

I’ve recently been thinking about changing my hair colour, from my current and much loved ‘Ruby Red’ back to blonde. Not because I don’t like my red hair, I have a super crush on red lips/red hair/red nails combo so it’s not that. It’s just that I’m pretty much as pale as you get – I don’t tan, I burn, I’m one of those. I thought, now Summer is ending, maybe I should go blonde again so that the paleness of my face against my dark red hair doesn’t blind passers by once it hits Winter.

Me and Matt

Me and Matt, 2012. My favourite shade of blonde!

I decided, yep, that’s what I’ll do. I even began to plan Halloween costume ideas around my blonde hair! But then I began to think about why I changed from my blonde hair to red in the first place.

As you probably have guessed by the title of my blog, I’m a Computer Science student and I do love it. However, there aren’t many female students on this course – I think there are 12 women out of almost 200 students and this is something I found super uncomfortable to start with. I was always overlooked. It seemed that lecturers automatically presumed I was no-good, and I’ve had some pretty crappy comments from both lecturers and students alike whilst I’ve studied there. Well, I showed them how wrong they were with some pretty awesome results (go, me).

Anyway, some of the comments I received were actually about my hair, believe it or not! At the time, I was blonde and I was regularly taunted with the whole ‘dumb blonde’ idea. How hair colour determines intelligence is beyond me, but let’s not get into that. I thought maybe the guys would take me more seriously if I changed my hair colour, and was a ‘quirky’ red head instead or something. Maybe they wouldn’t think I was stupid, and I’d be able to go a couple of days without a “go back to hairdressing” remark. And that’s what I did.

So, my dilemma: Will the personal confidence boost that blonde hair would give me outweigh the confidence knock that I’ve faced before? Is it worth the risk of being judged instantly? Is is worth the daily taunts about my intelligence? Will I regret it if I revert back to wearing no make-up and plain clothes so people don’t think I’m a stereotypical blonde?

I’m sure some people will just think “oh, it’s not a big deal, just dye your hair whatever bloody colour you like”, but when it’s your future and your studies that are being walked all over it’s not that easy.

Thanks for reading.

Have any of you experienced anything like this before? Did you manage to overcome it?


20 thoughts on “Blonde Prejudice | Is It Worth Going Back?

  1. Wow I can’t believe there are still people who judge people’s intelligence on their hair colour! I’m lad you proved them wrong with your efforts πŸ˜€ I think you look great blonde, you should go for it!

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  2. You probably make them uncomfortable. Not everyone, of course, but the dips who play that game. I think it comes from a competitive environment, though. When I worked with nearly all men (from 17 up through 60) they would tease me a bit about being a girl, but I took it in stride and teased them right back. They learned I was cool with them, wasn’t looking for anything to be offended about (all that had just started showing up in the news where I lived), and after that was established no one had a second thought about gender or capabilities. The place I was insulted for being blonde and for not being exactly like everyone else it was 95% women, and only the women sniped at each other. It had turned into a very competitive workplace, and as it did, the insults and backstabbings and all began and grew. By the time I was laid off, it had become a very toxic environment where seeing someone in tears in the restroom wasn’t all that uncommon.

    If you can handle being the quirky redhead for however long you have left in school, do it. If you’d rather turn back into the bubbly, sassy blonde, do it. Some will say be yourself and go back to blonde – but you’re always going to be yourself even if you’re sporting purple hair. πŸ™‚ Do what YOU feel in your gut is best… that’s really all any of us can do.

    Oh, and hang in there!

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    • Thanks for commenting!
      Luckily, in my recent year I wasn’t new to everything so didn’t let myself get pushed around. At university, because there aren’t many women, the cattiness wasn’t a problem (luckily!).

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  3. You were blonde when you started at sixth form college and it never made any difference to me, I knew within minutes of meeting you that you were going to be an excellent student and subsequently your outstanding success at college and uni has come as no surprise to me. So few women in computing and engineering so I was delighted when you, one of the very best students I’ve ever worked with, opted for computing when you progressed to uni. So you go back to being blonde if you want to because the only ‘dumb’ people are those who stereotype people and think intelligence and ability has anything to do with hair colour.

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  5. I am looking at your AUgust posts right now and I couldn’t help but think that those long red locks look so beautiful on you but man was I wrong! those blonde locks look even awesome! it enhances your looks too… I don’t care if you are blonde or fiery red hair or rainbow mix! Reading your writing makes me happy and I feel that you just got to ignore the idiots and keep your chin up, keep smiling and do your best πŸ™‚


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  6. It does matter…not least of all, because it’s your hair! You have to live with it every day, and regardless of what someone else thinks, what you think of yourself is so much more important. I’m a natural blonde, but dyed red and later brown for a while…I went back to what was always mine years ago, and didn’t regret it, but didn’t regret the experimenting, either. In the end, the choice was made because of what I wanted…and what other people thought could go where the sun don’t shine. πŸ™‚
    Being in a male-dominated industry is tough…hang in there, and keep kicking their butts. πŸ™‚

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