My Day in Photos | Whitby!

Evening lovelies,

Me and Matt have been super demotivated recently. Not just lacking in motivation to work, but also to make plans and the make most of the limited summer we have left! Yesterday was a good kick start back into the outdoors for us, and it was lovely – we went out with my parents, brother and his girlfriend to Whitby, North Yorkshire.

On our way, we passed by the Hole of Horcum, and had a little mooch around the top of it to stretch our legs. It’s pretty much a giant hole (400ft deep) in the North Yorkshire Moors, and in the summer it fills with purple heather. According to legend, the hole was formed when a giant scooped out some dirt! My mum told me that when I was younger, but it’s one of those strange stories that sticks with you!

Luckily, when we did get to Whitby the sun was shining. It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway because the town is so pretty. We stopped for fish and chips, had a nice walk along the beach, found some rock pools and then went crabbing. I didn’t take many photographs, but I thought I’d share the few I did get with my readers!

Enjoy! 🙂


This was pretty much the first view when I got out of the car. So so pretty


My dad found this little crab in one of the pools!

Starfish Rockpool

I’ve never seen a starfish before, so this was a treat


My pink crabbing line (ft. sneaky me)! We didn’t catch a thing, but at least we could feed all the left over bread to the seagulls.


Sparkly rock pools!


This was the sky on the way home. Unedited. So bright and dramatic. This was taken on a mobile phone and that just amazes me!


Thanks for reading!


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