TV – Background Noise, Habit, Lifestyle?

Me and Matt are huge TV enthusiasts. Is that actually a thing? We watch series after series, and if we take a liking there’s no doubt we’ll be watching the whole thing again. 10 seasons, 24 episodes per season? Pft, child’s play.


It’s understandable that, like tons of things, some people may not like to watch television, or maybe they don’t like committing to such an extensive TV series, but one thing I was certain on was that, when they do, they watch it sequentially, not willy-nilly, choosing an episode on a whim. Something that never occurred to me before is that some people don’t watch TV like this. We had Matt’s brother around at ours a while back and I suggested we start watching Torchwood. He replied, yes, what episode shall we start on?… er… sorry… what are you saying? Was that a suggestion we don’t start on season 1, episode 1?

It made me wonder if, in fact, me and Matt are the odd ones in the eyes of society (*gasp* never…). Because we’re huge nerds, the stuff we read is nerdy, the stuff we watch is nerdy, the people we ‘follow’ on social media sites like Tumblr and Twitter are nerdy, how would we even know if what we do day-to-day isn’t considered ‘normal’?

What others consider normal, or what people think of me and Matt hasn’t ever bothered us, so it’s not that I suddenly had an epiphany and wanted to change our lifestyle. To us, this obsessive, sequential television watching lifestyle is normal. To others, well, it’s obsessive. We take this aspect of our personality and apply it to so many things. Television, reading, documenting our lives in photos, diaries, university, and just the little things that become hobbies or habits – is it generational? My parents or grandparents haven’t ever shared stories of the time they played Quake for 14 hours, or the time they sat and cross-stitched all day and forgot to eat… Or is it just us?


5 thoughts on “TV – Background Noise, Habit, Lifestyle?

  1. Glad I’m not the only one! I am also a ‘TV enthusiast’. 😛 I love binge watching/re-watching shows. I get depressed when I finish a series and haven’t found what to watch next lol. (currently on Supernatural)

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    • Strange isn’t it! Me and my OH had to sit down and have a serious conversation the other day about whether or not we could re-watch all of Supernatural before the new season in October, and I was pretty gutted when we realised it wasn’t very likely :p.


      • Thats veeery ambitious! My partner isn’t very into TV, so when we do watch a show together it takes a while to get through… Otherwise I could quite happily spend all my free time in front of the telly!

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