Happy Campers

Being students (typically lacking in funds), it’s not exactly feasible for us to plan yearly holidays abroad. Instead, every summer me and Matt spend a few nights away camping. We both love the outdoors and we love spending time alone together so it’s the perfect trip for socially awkward introverts like us.

This year we went up to Aldbrough (Aldbrough Leisure Park) – our 4th visit! It’s such a beautiful little village near the cliffs and the sea, so there are always tons of photo opportunities. This time we had 3 nights of beautiful sunsets:

Aldbrough Sunset Aldbrough Sunset Aldbrough Sunset Aldbrough Sunset
Living in a little flat in the city, we don’t even have a garden. Camping is such a novelty for us, because where else could we sit out on garden furniture at 6am or midnight just to watch the world go by? It’s such a lovely experience.

I would love to find some more Yorkshire gems in the future. It’s always so exciting!


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