The Rest of the Family

For most pet owners, pets are family and are treated as such. Me and Matt don’t have human babies, but Ivy and Harley are such a big part of our family.

Ivy joined the family first. We rescued her from the streets – I can’t imagine such a tiny stray kitten would have survived much longer alone. We fed her and gave her a little bed outside for almost a week, but she was far too shy to come to us. She cried every night beneath the window of our flat in a little bush, it broke our hearts.  Thankfully, our neighbours eventually managed to catch her and she has been with us for almost 2 years now!

We brought Harley home when she was 10 weeks old as a baby sister for Ivy, to make sure she wasn’t ever lonely when we wasn’t home. It was obviously a very different experience – we had to wait for Harley to age enough to leave her mum, Lottie. Harley is the sweetest, dumbest cat and truly thinks I’m her mum. She’s over a year old and still suckles…
Harley Harley

The two of them make such a cute team.


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